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Sachie Muramatsu

Lamp Creator


Sachie currently resides in Chiba, Japan. She graduated from the graphic design department at Kuwasawa Design School. She first worked at a design office and then started learning Kaga-Yuzen dyeing :​ a traditional Japanese dyeing technique for kimonos that originated in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture.

She started to create lamps, and after much trial and error she finally reached her ideal washi (Japanese Paper) lamps. She held her first personal exhibition in 2003, and since 2013 she began selling at higt-end department stores and various shops all over Japan. Sachie Muramatsu's lamps are getting more and more media exposure and orders come from not only from Japanese customers but also from oversea customers.

Each lamp uniquely and elegantly embodies the beauty of grasses, flowers, and outdoor scenery. We hope that Sachie Muramatsu's lamps will make your life and heart colorful and warm just as her green and flowers enrich a bleak room.


​LED Bulbs Only

​Do not use filament bulbs as it may cause a fire.

​Keep Dry & Indoor Use

​Beware of Voltage & Socket size

The included socket and cord are rated for 250V.

​Ceiling Canopy & Socket Cover will together as a set.














​Secular Change of Japanese Paper

​About Color Fanding of Japanese Paper

​It is easy to feel aging in Japanese paper especially on a work that used only white paper without dyeing.

We hope that you will enjoy the gradually changing color from white to a more yellowish color.

​About Dyeing Color

​We use acrylic paints with light resistance and durability. If you do not use it in a place exposed to sunlight for a long time, you can enjoy it for a long without any major changes in color.

​How to clean

​Softly sweep the lamp shade with a dry soft brush to clean it. The shade is easily separated, so you can take it near the window or to your balcony to clean it.

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